WeCapital Holding Limited

WeCapital was established in 2011, adhering to providing professional and comprehensive technical services to global financial institutions. Provide investment management and advisory services to high net worth individuals (HNW). WeCapital completed global resource integration and future layout in 2014. Established WEWANT Holdings Ltd in the British Virgin Islands as the headquarters of the European hedge fund, with London, England as the core technical support, to provide the world’s top financial talents and information resources. In Asia, we set up WeCapital Capital Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., dedicated to providing the world’s leading trading platform services to major emerging economies and financial institutions in Asia; WeCapital (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and WeCapital Asset Management Co., Ltd., as a professional asset management agency, works with major financial institutions with a wealth of experience in financial markets at home and abroad.

At the end of 2014, WeCapital was officially registered as a private equity fund investment manager recognized by the China Fund Industry Association. The main business includes: private equity fund management, angel A round investment, equity investment, and providing trading orders (stock orders, commodity futures orders, commodity options, etc.) for major global trading markets. With a professional investment strategy, R & D system, and wind control, WeCapital serves the global Chinese more efficiently and steadily. We win your favor with rich financial products, advanced forms of financial management, and sincere service attitude. Our service purpose is to allow you to invest in WeCapital and create the greatest value.

WeCapital——Your personal investment consultant, using the traditional trading ideas and theoretical foundations of Wall Street, combined with the continuous accumulation of experience of the company team in the long-term trading practice process, issued many original trading ideas and theoretical foundations. These original ideas that keep pace with the times provide a full range of new thinking expansion space for the construction of the trading system. WeCapital has a complete database system, which can accurately and objectively conduct comprehensive data testing on the research and development of trading systems. The trading system strategy developed by WeCapital has a sound system-the theoretical basis of trading strategies, details of the trading system during operation, and a matching fund management and risk control system for the exchange. At present, the global financial markets have entered the electronic era. WeCapital focuses on building sophisticated hardware facilities and provides a stable hardware foundation for the construction of trading systems.


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